Cut to the Beginning

I sat in the salon chair staring at the mirror in anticipation. As the salon lady combed a slice of hair over my face, it tickled my nose as it stood there awaiting for a place to belong. I pictured in my mind one last time what I would look like after this day, and who I would be. This was not just the makings of a new hairdo. This was the makings of a new me. The salon lady took the slightest sliver out of that slice of hair and wrapped it around her pinkie. This would be the year that I would make my own decisions. The scissors opened in her right hand. This would be the year that I would muster the strength in taking risks. My eyes grew wide and my hands found each other beneath the black salon robe and held each other in clenched fists. This would be the year that I became BOLD. {Snip!} And there it went. The first strand of hair fell down past my face, slid down the robe, and onto the floor. I was now an Allison with bangs. I was not an Allison willing to have a voice. From this day forward I made a personal policy with myself to see the world with a new point of view.

You could say that day, that I got some BANG for my buck 🙂  It was New Years Eve of 2018 when it happened. But this was a change that I had anticipated and planned for nearly half a year. This was a change that I was ready for. Funny enough, it had now become my annual appearance update. Though I know appearance is not something to become an idol or how I identify myself. But it wasn’t just a change of looks, but a change of perspective. It was a physical symbol of the change in seasons of life, the change in my heart. That day, December 31, 2017 marked a new beginning for me. It was the beginning of a life with the ability to be BOLD.

My name is Allison, but most people call me Alli. My favorite nickname I’ve ever been given is Alpal, so I’ve considered sticking with that. I am first and foremost a follower of Jesus. We’ve had our ups and downs, but I’ve learned through many trials about the importance and the need of the peace that surpasses all understanding… But that may be a story for another day.

Besides that, there are many things I could use to define myself, but when it comes down to it, I’m just passionate about people! I think God made all of us to be so unique and wonderful in our own way and I like to call Him out on it 🙂 As for this blog, I consider this a shared space to rest and express the thoughts that come to mind. I also consider this a space of inspiration and support for all that come across it. So my hope and prayer is that you feel welcome here.

Likewise to my New Year’s Eve haircut, today is a new beginning for me. I named this blog AllisWell because it has two special meanings to me. The first is as “Alli’s Well” because I see this as a place to share my “well” of my personal knowledge, experiences, and advice as I walk through life. I hope this place will be a place of embracing uniqueness, but also for placing a footprint towards making the world a more beautiful place. The second meaning is as “All is Well” because I see this as a place of striving to become more of a well-rounded individual and embracing where we are now. This includes a gratitude and an improvement upon the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual wellbeing that God has given us.

So my dear reader, as this well runs dry for today, I offer this blog as a place to heal whether it be for a laugh, a story to dive into, or a piece of advice.

I look forward to pouring out next time, but until then I’ll be filling up!

Grace and Peace,


Start at the very beginning. It’s a very good place to start. — Maria von Trapp

Sing a song for the soul: Do Re Mi- Julie Andrews


Published by Allison Nicole

Hello people of wonder! My name is Allison and I thoroughly enjoy writing as a hobby to destress from the craziness of being a college student. Between studying for class, working out, Bible study, and working at a local coffee shop, ya girl needs time to just breathe and let the mind wonder.

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