Goal: The Big 100


Back in high school, I took one of the required (but nonetheless interesting to me ) classes entitled “Wellness 3”. What a magnificent subject to study I know. But I will say that one of strengths on the Myers Briggs personality test is “knowledge” because of the fact that I enjoy learning and nerding out about random things. And one of those things is health facts… even if I don’t always apply them to my life :). As you can imagine, wellness appeared quite interesting to me in topics of community design , the effects of drugs and alcohol on the brain, obesity in America, etc. It was a beautiful array of topics.

However, one of coolest things we learned about was the Blue Zone Solution (Blue Zone Solution). This guy named Dan Beuttner and a bunch of National Geographic folk went around to five different Blue Zones around the world and studied daily life. Mind you, Blue Zones are places with the highest population of centenarians still living and loving life. Mind you again, a centenarian is someone who lives up to 100 healthy years or more! How sick is that!?! After watching a couple of videos and reading some articles, I was pretty hooked!

I officially asked myself how I could live to be 100 years old too… even if I didn’t live in a blue zone like those people. I mean truth be told, the Bible says in Genesis that God restricted man to like 150 years at the most, so to this day, it is still possible! Honest to goodness, how freaking cool would it be to say with pure honor that you had lived a good and happy 100 years! You would live through 100 years of history books. 100 years of new inventions. 100 years of presidencies. 100 years of friendships and community relationships. 100 years of family gatherings. 100 years of sharing and passing down wisdom….What a thought.

I mean, right now I am nearly twenty years old and I can already say that I have lived through three presidencies, I’ve been to eight family weddings, I’ve watched eleven family members come into the world. I’ve moved living spaces technically five times. I’ve attended four different schools. I’ve held eleven different jobs. I’ve been in technically two official relationships (counting sixth grade of course). I’ve traveled to seven different states, and been out of the country just once. Besides that I’ve developed quite the collections of snow globes, key chains, and postcards for myself and from others. WOW! Not to toot my own horn, but these few years have been a freaking blessing! How much more could I experience in eighty more years!!!

How much stronger could me faith grow to be? How much more of an impact could I see come to fruition? How many more places could I see? How many more friends could I walk through life with? How many more gatherings might my house be able to host? How many more years might I have with that special someone? How many more generations might I meet after myself? How many more nature walks could I take breathing the fresh air? How many more gifts might I be able to sew? How many more lessons might I learn? How many more people may teach me? How much more wisdom could I bear onto others? How much more joyful may I feel? How much more stylish may I become :)? …all nestled in that wonderful kind of lifetime!

Wisdom will multiply your days and add years to your life. If you become wise, you will be the one to benefit. If you scorn wisdom, you will be the one to suffer. 

~Proverbs 9:11-12

The wise make well thought out decisions. The wise live for the future and not the now. So, my dear reader, as the well runs dry for today, I must ask: Where do you see yourself in 100 more years?


Sing a song for the soul: Glorious- Mackelmore

Published by Allison Nicole

Hello people of wonder! My name is Allison and I thoroughly enjoy writing as a hobby to destress from the craziness of being a college student. Between studying for class, working out, Bible study, and working at a local coffee shop, ya girl needs time to just breathe and let the mind wonder.

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