“Unplanned” : A Movie Review


Suddenly the screen grew dark and the credits rolled down it. We stood up and walked slowly out of the theatre in solitude as what I had just witnessed settled not just into my mind, but into my spirit.

What does it mean to switch from “planned” to “unplanned” when it comes to the choices we make in this life? What does it mean when the choice is about a baby?

This movie is a true story about a woman named Abby Johnson and her overall experience as an employee and a patient at Planned Parenthood. Abby lived out a journey through many different roles within this organization. She was first a patient who experienced abortion, then a volunteer to help patients from the parking lot swarming with protesters, then employed as a councilor for comforting patients in their decision to abort, and lastly promoted to clinic director at the front desk. Through her experiences in these roles, Abby became increasingly involved in the organization, until one day on the job…

Now, I am aware that there are some Christian films with one-sided storylines or incomplete character developments. I have seen my share of dreams and heavenly experiences made into dramatic, mystically edited scenes and character lines pronounced in a language some call Christianese. But before I begin, I must say that this movie is portrayed in a very real and raw way with very talented actors and actresses. Coming out of the theater, it almost felt as though I had watched a documentary about the behind the scenes of Planned Parenthood, but in reality, it was not trying to prove a point, it was just telling a story. It was Abby’s story.

Emotionally, this film was truly a lot for me to absorb, and it continues to be for the days to come. With the quality of the acting and filming, I felt as though I was experiencing every circumstance along with Abby. I was especially touched when I watched what Abby herself had to go through when she got two abortions herself as a patient at Planned Parenthood. The second most touching scene was of course the scene in which Abby watches an abortion take place for the first time while at work.

Spiritually, this film opened my eyes to the ways in which Satan is capable of deceiving us further and further away from Christ. First, Abby is introduced to Planned Parenthood at a booth that came to her college, during her junior year, to advocate for women’s rights. Once she began working, she explained to her parents that counseling women to abort was what she believed to be her identity. While in this role at the clinic, she was pushed by her boss to tell lies to patients’ loved ones in the waiting room to cover up for severe problems during operations in order to protect the Planned Parenthood reputation. Witnessing this play out showed me the way that Satan can deceive us into believing a lie, until we are sucked into living in it, and it becomes part of who we are!

Further in the story, as clinic director, Abby attended a Planned Parenthood meeting. At this meeting, her boss declared a goal to not only open a new center, but also to double the amount of abortions in the next year. When Abby publicly questioned this motive, she was threatened by her same boss to enforce the idea that abortions were the product that Planned Parenthood sells, just as restaurants sell fast food. Not to mention how angry and disapproving this boss was when Abby decided to get married, and give birth to her first child. The way that Abby’s boss spoke negatively about her decision to marry and have a child speaks to Satan’s goal of attempting to destroy all that God calls good and perfect. Furthermore, witnessing these scenes play out, I was reminded, once again, of the way the devil deceives us into one belief, but also the way that God can open our eyes in His mysterious way!

Now as much as this film may sound like a lot to take in physically, visually, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, I believe it is important. This film is not only eyeopening, but very educational. As a believer, I believe that God calls us not to be ignorant, but use wisdom and discernment. It is important to know where we stand on issues such as this and to be able to defend it when we are questioned. While I may have made this movie sound like it’s all about Satan, I must also say that Satan does not win! It is by the power of much dedication and many prayers, that the conclusion of this movie is reached and Abby’s story is shared with us all, if we take the opportunity! No matter what the world may say, God will always be victorious!!!

You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion, as I was woven together in the dark of the womb. You saw me before I was born. Everyday of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.

~ Psalm 139: 15-16

I invite you to let this verse sink in, as the gift of conception and of life itself makes itself known.

So my dear reader, as this well runs dry for today, I must ask you this: How do you see Satan’s deceit play out in our society today? How do you see it in your own life?

Happy Mother’s Day!


Sing a song for the soul: Not Today Satan- KB, Andy Mineo

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